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Providing comprehensive range of services in the DevOps world to “faster” software delivery and increase “agility”.

We join your development team as a DevOps member to design, build, integrate, optimize and maintain, configuration management, continuous delivery and/or continuous integration environments.

“We automate everything!”


IT Security is our core expertise as “We believe in SecOps” to automate information security policy processes.

We provide, infrastructure and policy checkups, vulnerability management, continuous security life cycle integration, Open Source SIEM, Log Management, IDS/IPS, WAF and Threat Intelligence solutions.

“Continuous Security is the key!”

Open Source

Offering Open Source Solutions and Support with over 15 years of experience to “Enterprise grade IT Infrastructures”.

We design and deploy highly available, scalable and resilient infrastructures such as containerized clusters & microservice platforms, Load Balancing, CDN, NoSQL, Caching, Continuous Monitoring and APM solutions.

Mathematics is open source!


We provide cloud consultancy service to design, develop and implement public, private and hybrid strategies.

With our in-depth experience and knowledge on AWS and Google Compute Engine services and technologies, we help companies migrating their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud that create significant value!

“We move you to the cloud”


Enterprise Level DevOps and SecOps Consulting Services
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

SecOps Tech is established as a DevOps , SecOps and Cloud consulting services company based out of Istanbul / Turkey

We have various specializations across high available, reliable and scalable virtualization, linux and container clusters technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos on Cloud Platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and IT Security, SIEM and Log Management, IDS/IPS, WAF etc.

We provide simple and efficient security related enterprise grade open source solutions, DevOps, SecOps, and Cloud mentoring as well as Linux Trainings with over 15 years of experience for the customers.

  • We provide comprehensive DevOps and SecOps Consultancy and Advisory services.

  • Infrastructure migrations from on-premise to Cloud (AWS, GCE, Azure)

  • Migrating "Closed Source" system components to "Enterprise Grade Open Source Ecosystem" to reducing license costs and boosting productivity.

  • We design scalable and resilient IT Infrastructures.

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